Frieh, Brault & Associés advises listed or unlisted companies on sales and acquisitions, and the setting-up of joint venture and strategic partnership agreements. Frieh, Brault & Associés team has extensive expertise in legally structuring transactions, preparing pre-contract documentation for M&A transactions (NDA, letters of intent, offer letters, etc.), conducting legal audits, drafting and negotiating contract documentation for sales and acquisitions (purchase or contracts for companies or businesses, underwriting agreements, etc.), drafting and negotiating joint venture agreements, and drafting and negotiating shareholders’ agreements and call and/or put options.


Frieh, Brault & Associés is a well-known player in the field of private equity. They advise several of the most prestigious investment funds of the French market in their mid- and large-cap LBOs, and also companies, top managers and shareholders investing with these funds.


Frieh, Brault & Associés advises listed and unlisted companies and founder-managers on all aspects of corporate law and corporate governance. Frieh, Brault & Associés team has extensive expertise in corporate law transactions (incorporations, restructurings, contributions in kind, bond or complex security issues, mergers, demergers, partial asset contributions, total asset transfers), employee or corporate officer voluntary profit-sharing schemes (bonus shares, stock options, stock option issue (BSA or BSPCE)), drafting of agency agreements and intra-group agreements.


Frieh, Brault & Associés advises startup companies and investors at every stage of the fundraising process. Frieh, Brault & Associés team has extensive expertise in developing the company’s fundraising strategy, negotiating the terms under which investment funds take equity stake, and the implementation of fundraising deals.


Frieh, Brault & Associés advises employer-clients, i.e. French and international groups, and SMEs and investment funds active in a variety of business sectors (such as agriculture and agri-food, maritime industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, consulting, retail, personal services, medical and audiovisual industries). The employment law team advises clients on managing labor law issues and HR legal aspects, both in respect of individual labor aspects (negotiating and drafting contract documentation, employment contract, corporate office, France Travail ruling (rescript), managing working time, managing harassment/discrimination at work situations, exercising management or disciplinary power during performance of employment contract, managing negotiated or unnegotiated employment contract termination), and collective work relationships (day-to-day works council (CSE) management (elections, meeting invitations, internal rules), negotiating collective agreements (annualized working time, time-savings account (CET), collective retirement funds (Percol), teleworking)). Lastly, the team offers a 360-degree service to managing the labor aspects of restructuring transactions, i.e.: labor law audits, works council (CSE) consultation, applying the Hamon Act, managing employee transfer, or employment-support plans (plans de sauvegarde de l’emploi), eliminating all identified risks following acquisition of a new entity, and support for the successful integration of an acquired new entity within the relevant group.


Frieh, Brault & Associés advises on the setting-up of additional compensation, shareholding and employee savings plan (mandatory and voluntary profit-sharing (participation/intéressement), stock options, bonus shares, RSU, ManPack, company mutual funds (FCPE)) and additional welfare benefits (drafting of deeds setting up pension schemes, healthcare costs, benefits, audit of the set-up scheme, alinement of welfare benefit schemes following a change in the employer’s legal situation (M&A)).


Frieh, Brault & Associés advises clients in setting-up their secondment and expatriation policy for workers (employees or self-employed persons) in or outside the European Union both on employment law aspects (law applicable to the employment contract / addenda, core requirements and public order laws) and on welfare benefit aspects (A1 form, reviewing bilateral social security agreements, Caisse des Français de l’étranger, negotiating collective or individual healthcare cost / welfare benefits contracts, pensions, payroll management); and underlying tax and immigration law issues (visa, residence permit). Our team assists clients in setting up a policy for the return of workers to their country of origin at the end of their secondment/expatriation, as well as during inspections by labor inspectors or URSSAF.

  • Labor Law Litigation

Frieh, Brault & Associés also represents clients on a regular basis before national courts in employment law disputes (breach of employment contract, electoral disputes (appointment of Trade Union Representative (RSS), appointment of trade union delegate (DS), challenge of works council (CSE) elections)), social security law disputes (work-related accidents and diseases, employer’s gross negligence, URSSAF audits) and welfare benefit disputes (implementation of provident schemes, death benefits, maintained benefits, Articles 2 and 7 of the Evin Act).


  • Commercial Litigation

Frieh, Brault & Associés represents clients before the civil and commercial courts in disputes in connection with performance of commercial and/or contractual relationships (debt collection, termination of established commercial relationships, breach of contract, disputes between partners, unfair competition/parasitism).


  • IP/IT Litigation

Frieh, Brault & Associés advises and assists clients before civil and commercial courts in litigation relating to literary & artistic property, industrial property (trademarks, designs) and Internet and NICT law (copyright and innovation).


Frieh, Brault & Associés assists and advises clients in all topics relating to literary & artistic property (copyright on literary, audiovisual, musical, artistic, architecture works, theatre plays, and rights related to copyright of performers, phonogram producers, broadcasting organizations), industrial property (trademarks, designs, patents, geographical indications, etc.), and the protection of know-how and confidentiality.

Creation and innovation are permanent. Legal reality changes with them to regulate them all along their existence.


Frieh, Brault & Associés assists and advises clients in reviewing, drafting and negotiating IT and e-commercial contracts (general sales and service terms and conditions, terms of use, SaaS contracts and IT services) and in the field of Internet and NICT law (domain names, publishers/content host providers, e-reputation, defamation, slender and other online press offence).

Information and communication technologies have an impact on our daily lives. The law helps to support them and limits any excesses.


Frieh, Brault & Associés assists and advises clients in bringing their structure into line with current personal data regulations (contractual framework, training), in conducting compliance audits and during CNIL inspections.


Our world is built around powerful technologies. Our data feeds them, enhances them and, for some companies, is even the fruit of valorization. The law protects you, while preserving the need to collect and process data for players in our daily lives.